LG’s V50 5G Dual Screen phone drops in price by $432 to $1,296

It’s a bloody great phone. And when you want to watch videos there’s a second screen.

When I reviewed it, I’d hoped it could have been $1,499 not the $1,728 it listed out. This new price makes it a compelling option for people looking for a 5G handset, let alone a flagship phone with a great camera.

A $432 saving is ridiculous in the smartphone space.

Five cameras, two screens – a great option worth looking at from Telstra.

Angus Jones from LG Electronics said “We’re excited to give more Australians the opportunity to get their hands on this fantastic device with the recent drop in price from Telstra. The LG V50 is a game-changer in mobile design with the Dual Screen option changing the way consumers use their personal handsets. And with more and more locations gaining access to 5G, now is a great time to trade-up and prepare for what’s to come in the New Year.”

Go get one.

LG’s V50 5G Dual Screen phone drops in price by $432 to $1,296
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