New pulse for Maserati

We had news just yesterday that Maserati is farewelling the V8 found in the Ranturismo Sport Edizione V8 Aspirato. The limited, collector’s edition available only in Australia and New Zealand will have unique heritage paint colours. 

So clearly there is a transition was going on, which is why this story is very interesting. A “mule” that has been made for the development of a new Maserati engine has been driven out of the Viale Ciro Menotti gates, in Modena today. 

The scheduled date for the release of this car is My 2020. The experimental vehicles are fitted with an engine mounted in a “rear central position.”

The innovative powertrain is only described as a “combustion” unit. Although I’d suggest there’s almost a 100 per cent chance some form of electrification will be involved. Whatever the case it will set in play the direction all future engines take from the brand.

New pulse for Maserati
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