I got a text message from our good mate Matt de Groot – this tall bald Barry Hall lookalike loves his F1. The message was about a game I didn’t know existed – I was outraged.

“Have you got around the Real Racing 3 F1 version? It’s awesome”

You what mate? Real Racing 3 F1? So I search the app store – nothing. What you’re actually seeing is an update to Real Racing 3 – a game that’s been out for over five years – but it’s so good, so advanced, and so adaptable, they just keep releasing new additions.

So, strap yourself in – this is great.

Real Racing 3 is not a simulator. It’s an arcade racing game.

The game progress is all about making progress, earning trophies, points and in-game cash.

When you jump into the F1 section – you’ve got a whole range of short challenges to complete, which introduce you to the principals of speed, slipstreaming, tyre wear, pit stop strategies and more.

Once you push through all that, there are F1 championship challenges you can take at traditional F1 circuits.

I raced some events at Silverstone – the track looks amazing.

All of the learning sessions are at Abu Dhabi – looks amazing.

The 2019 cars and drivers are all there, of course, I’m driving the #3 Renault as Daniel Ricciardo:)

What’s fascinating is that Real Racing are making this about coming back to the game. There are events that aren’t available for days yet, so this isn’t something you can download and complete.

You’re racing against other users avatars, as well as real F1 driver names.

There’s in-cockpit, on car, off car and nose camera angles, and a range of assists to make life easier or harder.

Of course, you can spend REAL dollars on in-game dollars and get your car tuned up – which, let’s be honest, lots of us will do:)

I loved it, it’s been an addiction since Matt told me about it, so get on it folks!

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