Motorola has officially announced its partnership with Corning Glass, ensuring that its entire 2024 lineup of devices will be equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass. This collaboration highlights Motorola’s commitment to innovation and quality, aiming to enhance the durability and design of its smartphones across all franchises starting in the second half of this year.

Corning Gorilla Glass, known for its durability and resistance to damage, has been a key player in the smartphone industry for over 15 years. The material is designed to protect against drops and scratches while maintaining touch sensitivity and clarity, making it a preferred choice for leading smartphone brands.

The integration of Gorilla Glass into Motorola’s smartphones isn’t entirely new, but this announcement signifies a broader commitment to using high-quality materials across its product range. This move also aligns with Lenovo’s (Motorola’s parent company) existing use of Gorilla Glass in select laptops and tablets, further strengthening the partnership between Lenovo and Corning.

Ruben Castano, Motorola’s Head of Customer Experience, emphasized the importance of balancing reliability, durability, and design in modern smartphones.

“Consumers today continue to demand reliability and durability without compromising on sleek, modern design,” he said, adding “By using Corning Gorilla Glass across all Motorola franchises, we aim to lead the industry by ensuring that every consumer has access to the durability and peace of mind that comes with this cutting-edge technology.”

Motorola’s focus on delivering well-engineered smartphones extends beyond just the hardware. Each device is designed to offer a balanced experience, incorporating advanced cameras, processors, and software. With this latest announcement, Motorola reaffirms its dedication to providing consumers with high-quality, durable devices that do not compromise on design or functionality.

EFTM has seen tests of the latest Gorilla Glass which will roll out later this year, and it’s impressive how much force it can take, and how scratch resistant it is.

More details on Motorola’s 2024 lineup in the months ahead.