We knew it was happening, but it’s ever so real now that the cars themselves are being seen out and about. Apple Maps has started the process of mapping – and photographing, the streets of Australia.

The company updated its mapping website with Australian mapping dates and locations only recently and while those dates covered a long period we didn’t quite expect to see so many cars out and about, so fast.


Keen spotters on social media have been snapping the cars in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and even Perth.

Here’s a collection of shots we’ve found – showing Apple is using the same Subaru Impreza Hatch in all states.

In fact, all the vehicles are “based” in NSW with each of them sharing the same black and gold standard issue NSW number plates.

We can see there are eight unique vehicles on the road, with the likelihood of double that being the entire fleet.

Keep your eyes peeled. And wave! Though your number plate, any signage and your face will be blurred – we all know we can spot ourselves in a “Google Streetview” image, soon to be the same for Apple Lookaround images:)

That’s the viewing area at Sydney Airport. And yes, that’s me. Here’s the reverse view: