Mobile payment system Apple Pay launched in Australia late last year to the relief of many who had been waiting for it, but with a simple issue that prevented many from using it. It is limited only to American Express issued AMEX cards – and while that’s great for those of us with such a card, it’s a bummer for the millions with iPhones and Bank credit cards – could all that be about to change?

We always knew it would take just one bank to tip the scales and force the hand of the big four – and it seems the ANZ is very much in the testing phase – either that or someone’s got their Apples and Androids all mixed up.

Google announced late last year that their own Android Pay would be available in Australia in “the first half of 2016” and there’s still plenty of time before we call them on that one.

But it seems some Android users have been testing the waters and finding mixed success. Some ANZ customers have been able to add their ANZ cards to their Android phones.


The funny part that gives me the “where there’s smoke there is fire” concept is this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.30.51 PM

Look closely, there’s something very wrong with this picture – the text message talks about “Apple Pay” but it’s very clearly on an Android phone. Of course, the SMS account listed for the user with the bank might be a different one to that which they added their card to, but that again just points to a very clear move by ANZ to launch Apple Pay

This is further confirmed by the confirmation emails being sent to users:


The ANZ’s choice of email address seems to indicate they are either rick-rolling the heck out of us here or they are well down the path of testing.


Likewise within the emails – it’s all about Apple Pay.

We’re hearing conflicting reports, some say people are getting text and email confirmation from ANZ after attempting to add an ANZ credit card to Apple Pay. However, it seems more likely to me (having tested that theory with a large sample of ANZ customers) that ANZ is sending “Apple Pay” confirmation emails and texts to Android Pay users. Oops.

Whatever the case, we’re pretty confident that this is the sign that our banks are about to move on Apple Pay – after all, despite the battle for a few micro cents in ever dollar, it’s not a good look to launch Android Pay without Apple Pay – the big banks don’t want to have to try to explain that to their mass base of customers. Perhaps better to announce both at the same time and launch with a bang?

We’ve asked ANZ for comment – not holding our breath, but we’ll let you know.

We wait patiently – confident their time is coming, and in the meantime, loving Apple Pay with AMEX:)