One of the most exciting areas of technology advances at the moment is in Augmented and Mixed reality, of course we can’t avoid the talk of Apple’s Vision Pro as it just launched in the USA. However, products like RayBan Meta make a far more compelling user product and when you get a look at Oppo’s Air Glass 3 you’ll really be wondering what the future holds.

In some ways this is about bringing information from your phone into the world around you. Just walking down the street seeing messages from friends appear in the glasses, or perhaps arrows for navigation as you walk around a foreign city.

Thing is, this is real, and while not a public product yet, this prototype aims to demonstrate how lightweight and “normal” this kind of technology can be.

Using Voice commands, you can summon the Oppo AI Generative AI – known as AndesGPT though your smartphone to get simple answers – literally before your eyes.

These glasses weigh just 50 grams, and use a self-developed resin waveguide with a refractive index of just 1.70 offering a peak eye brightness on the lens in front of you at more than 1,000 nits. This means you feel like you’re just wearing normal glasses, but you’re actually getting a fantastic full-colour display at the same time.

Touch controls allow you to control playback of music or to take voice calls, as well as browsing through the information display.

Oppo say that through an open acoustic design and other innovation there is noise isolation too, which means enhanced privacy for the wearer.

Honestly, an exciting product, which if done right could be a game changer for how we interact with information from our smartphones. Just a matter of how long it is before they are really ready for the public, and at what price they can make them for.