It’s no secret that the future is now. Technology is advancing at a rate beyond all predictions and taking over industries we never thought possible. Well the next space that technology, more specifically artificial intelligence is entering into… counseling! Have a go at this – they call the software ‘Driven’ and it’s being picked up by companies like 3M, Unilever and Suncorp to work as a 24/7 stress reliever and ‘resilience builder’ for employees.

They have both a desktop platform and app that does it’s best to learn about you and your quirks, tailoring it’s responses and questions to suit. Much like an actual person, the artificial intelligence is able to assume or otherwise predict how you might be feeling in order to help you de-stress and pick yourself back up when life gets a little rough.

The developers are reporting that their software has “already led to a 25% increase in users’ resilience and 83% in job satisfaction”. They claim to have over 100,000 users worldwide.

Having a quick play around on their website, Driven will work to establish a base-line, asking 16 quick questions on a sliding scale to get to know you a little better. The conversation goes a bit like this;

And as you’ll see, it tailors options to how you respond;

However the free demo won’t get you awfully far and you’ll need to fork out about $10 AUD/month to get full access to the platform – it’s seemingly a better idea to get your employer on board with the program in the name of employee welfare (if you get can get it across the line).

AI solutions such as Driven are the future for many industries and services – all we know here at EFTM is that we’re excited to see where it goes.