You’ve got a brand new phone worth literally thousands of dollars, and you’re not using a case? Madness!

Oh, you’re an eco-warrior and object to the excessive use of plastic in smartphone cases?

Problem solved, and while this isn’t the first, it’s the first I’ve seen from a major brand. EFM’s new ECO case will be available in major retailers like JB HiFi, Officeworks and some Telstra and Optus stores.

Priced at $39.95 it’s not a bank breaker, and because you can get it in-store there’s no international postage plus the waiting time that exists for many of these plant-based phone cases that have become a big thing in recent months.

EFM Eco is composed of 85% plant-based materials, and 15% repurposed D3O material – the impact protecting material EFM are known for.

Bottom line, there’s no new plastic used in production of the EFM Eco cases. And of course, all of it comes inside 100% recyclable packaging.

Nice one. And it looks and feels good too. Available in two colours, Charcoal and Mulberry.

For the record, the Mulberry looks more dark brown than purple in most lights, a manly colour – don’t worry.