Christmas is a special time of year where we party too hard, drink too much, party too hard and drop lots of money on presents. Well, women do all that. They plan, shop around and spend time wrapping. Men just drink too much, party too hard and fall asleep at 2pm on Christmas Day. 

It is very rare to find a man who actually shops before Christmas Eve. The shops are full of men on Christmas eve rushing into their wives/girlfriends/mothers favourite shop and grabbing the first thing they see.

We also know men are notorious for forgetting to purchase anything at all. That is where EFTM steps in. The only thing open on Christmas Day is McDonalds and Service Stations. A Big Mac is not a present. So we hit the servos to see if we can put together perfectly respectable gifts for those who leave it so last minute you have to buy it on your way to Christmas lunch. We were presently surprised by what we found but it may take a couple of stops to really wow on Christmas day. 

We went to BP, Caltex and Coles Express. By far the Coles Express was the more superior shopping experience with lots of chocolate options and lots of gift cards. Caltex had some awesome chocolates in cute wrapping but no gift cards and apart from tech gear like chargers and spare batteries you won’t find anything there. BP was somewhere in the middle – chocolates (but not presented well), gift cards and we did find some awesome car gear if you are buying for a bloke. 

All three servos also provided options for sunglasses, but come on, no one actually buys those, do they!??!

We found Visa card gift cards at Coles Express which you can pop in a box of chocolates like a packet of Toblerone or attach to the Ferrero Rocher box. Vouchers also look super cute in this box of M&Ms.

We also found a Movie voucher and popcorn at Coles Express which would be a cute idea! Also if you have a spare piece of paper you could suggest a date night??

If you are shopping for a man we also found car wash and a microfibre cleaning pack which doubles as wrapping.

If you do realise before you leave home and you have ribbon, wrapping or a card you are going to have an easier time because we did find that none of the servos have cards or wrapping. 

We hope this saves you on Christmas day! 

Merry Christmas everyone!