It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to take advantage of a full-screen computing experience that you could take with you on the road you needed to have a powerful laptop and some serious storage for all your files and documents.

Today, thanks to the cloud, storage is no longer an issue – you can have your files on any device accessible at any time.  However, the problem of lugging a laptop around from desk to cafe and home to actually keep on top of your work hasn’t changed much.

If your primary use for that computer you carry place to place is working on documents, correspondence like emails or text messages, streaming content, or even the odd bit of gaming when you take a break – many people don’t realise that a Samsung smart phone could be the perfect mobile device for you.

Samsung launched DeX – a platform that uses the power of your smartphone as your computer, allowing it to be connected to a standard computer monitor and even a keyboard and mouse. 

Compatible apps like Microsoft’s Office suite, Adobe’s Creative Suite, Google G Suite, Spotify, YouTube can be purchased or downloaded on your Samsung smartphone enabling you to check in on a document, update some text or send those important emails when you’re out and about.

When you’re back at your desk though, simply plug your monitor directly into the smartphone and your big-screen becomes a whole new window into your compatible smartphone apps.

Pair a keyboard and mouse, and you can navigate your apps, files, cloud storage, emails and also text messaging just like on a normal computer.  Except there’s no need for a computer.

You could be sitting at a desk all day working on Word or Excel files, and never actually own a computer.

Using your smartphone on the go to reply to emails or make quick changes to a document is fine, however when you need to really knuckle down and get the work done, building that presentation, writing that document – the limitations of a small screen make it difficult to multitask or really get that work done.  Using Samsung DeX with a desk monitor, standard keyboard and mouse means that you can genuinely consider ditching the laptop or PC for good.

And when you’re taking a break from work, stream your favourite shows, watch YouTube videos or whatever you like, up on a bigger screen.

Small and Large businesses deploying both smartphones and laptops to employees should really be considering what these devices are being used for on a daily basis – it’s quite possible that Samsung DeX can be the mobile and desk-based solution, especially considering Samsung’s built-in security protections apply at all times – as a mobile and as a desktop using DeX.

Samsung DeX works on the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, S10+ and A90 smartphones with a simple app download and using the USB cable supplied to connect to a monitor.  Worth a try!