As smartphone makers strive to differentiate themselves, OPPO has added a decent notch to their belt, taking home comparison and review website, Canstar Blue’s award for the best-rated smartphone for the third year in a row.

Canstar Blue garnered feedback from consumers on Apple, OPPO, Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia phones on a range of categories, with OPPO scoring 5-stars across the board. Samsung and Apple also did quite well, with 5-star ratings in multiple categories, with Huawei getting a nod in the Durability/Longevity category.

The phone brands chosen for review are available through Vodafone and Telstra, with Nokia the only brand unavailable on the Optus network.

Simon Downes, Editor at Canstar Blue said
“Rather than upgrading their phone every year, most Australians just want a great phone that proves reliable and durable over time. This is what OPPO users report. And this is why we’re proud of the research we do because we can report on the real-world experiences of consumers who use their phones day in, day out. Over the last three years, they have given us a consistent message that OPPO is the brand to beat.”

OPPO takes their durability and longevity seriously with a heavy duty testing phase for their phones.

We all have our favourite smartphone brands, but it’s this kind of feedback from customers that shows how well companies are actually doing – and for a third year in a row as well.