Many people own a pet and love having them inside as part of the family. At the same time, doggy doors are difficult or impossible to install in some doors. The benefit that people enjoy from having a doggy door is that your pet can come inside and go outside when it suits them, and you don’t have to worry about making sure they can get outside to go to the toilet.

A product called Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener was announced at CES, has removed the need to try and put a doggy door into a glass sliding door or having to keep the door open, exposing your home to weather and security risk.

The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener is app controlled that can be fitted into the door tracks of any existing glass sliding door that can open and close it remotely, whenever needed by your pet.

There are two ways to operate the door. The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener can sense that your pet is at the door and send a notification to your smart phone. You are then able to open the door through the app. Or you can choose to allow the door to open automatically when it detects your pet at the door.

The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener will be available for USD $399 and can be reserved through Wazyn.

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