The World’s Best Tattoos: Because Prinker isn’t permanent

My little girl has a fascination with tattoos. While I don’t have a problem with tattoos, marking your body permanently on an eight year old’s whims probably isn’t the best idea. This is when Prinker and their temporary tattoo device comes to the rescue. 

A small handheld printer for your skin, the Prinker Temporary Tattoo Device delivers sharp looking tattoos that are waterproof, but that are easily removed with soapy water. The ‘ink’ is simply a black (or coloured) type of cosmetic makeup. 

At nearly US$300, the Prinker might not be my first choice of birthday present, but with heaps of designs to choose from plus the ability to upload your own designs to the Prinker App you suddenly have a basis for a great kids party.

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The World’s Best Tattoos: Because Prinker isn’t permanent
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