Often one of the most reasons why people these days are reluctant to invest in a drumkit for themselves or their kids is because they are noisy. With people living closer together, we are reluctant to annoy our neighbours with the noise from a drumkit.

Walking the floors of CES, I came across a product that turns any set of drumsticks into a virtual drum kit that you can play anywhere. With the use of Bluetooth technology, you can attach the sensors to drumsticks or even your feet to play on any surface.

You set up a play area and connect the sensors to detect the angle at which your playing. Senstroke allows you to manage different rebound levels to create the most realistic experience. The idea is to create the most realistic drum set experience. With the add-on of a practice pad, it will give you a better bounce from the drumsticks and reduction in noise compared with harder surfaces.

Using MIDI technology, users are able to record their drum sessions on their mobile devices through apps such as Garage Band. While the device is connected to a smart phone through Bluetooth, it’s recommended that the speaker or headphones are connected to the device to reduce lag time between the beat and hearing it through the speaker.  

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