BenQ are known for their displays, be it monitors or projectors, so when they up the game everyone’s watching.

They’ve announced a new projector – the TK850 – which delivers a “true 4K UHD DLP projection” with “projector-optimised HDR-PRO technology” as well as a specialised sports mode.

Marin Moelle from BenQ Australia says “The TK850 brings together all of our cutting-edge technologies and expertise to breathe real life into watching fast-paced sporting and competitive events,”

“This global event represents the pinnacle of competitive sports, and there is no better way to experience the spectacle if you can’t be there in person.”

Here’s how BenQ describe it: Generating 8.3 million distinct pixels with true 4K 3840×2160 UHD resolution, TK850 provides stunning clarity with perfect precision for split-second photo finishes and games determined by inches. BenQ-exclusive projector-optimised HDR-PRO technology with HDR10/HLG support utilises dynamic iris control and HDR brightness for enhanced tone mapping to produce spectacular brightness and contrast to reveal every detail of HDR-format Blu-ray and broadcasts. Moreover, with 3000 lumens of high brightness and >98% coverage of Rec. 709 colour gamut, TK850 offers strikingly vivid colours even in brightly-lit living rooms.

You’d wanna love your sport – the TK850 will retail for $2,999 and is available next month.