Apple didn’t mess around with their Scary Fast event today, done and dusted in 30 minutes! Thus is the power of the online only slick video presentation, it was Tim Cook top and tail with his key execs in the middle telling us all we needed to know.

New Apple Silicon

I’d never try and claim to be the Chip guy here (Hot chips YES! but computer chips – not so much), but in the detail this is serious performance once again.

Terms like Dynamic Caching, Hardware-accellerated Ray-tracing and Mesh shading. Big time designers and coders will get it.

Offering up to 2.5 times the graphics rendering performance, there was a strong focus on Graphics power here, yet no specific gaming announcements – yet.

All three are launching at the same time, M3, M3 Pro and M3 Mac instead of the base model then the performance variants coming later.

This allowed Apple to today bring MacBook laptops into the normal schedule, while also updating the iMac.

Updated MacBook Pro

Twice Apple mentioned those who have “not yet upgraded from their Intel-Based MacBook Pro” so don’t be sitting here trying to tell me why you aren’t upgrading your M1 or M2 powered MacBook – good on you if you are, but Apple is all eyes on those older devices out there.

Even if we do compare to previous recent models, these new M3 MacBook pros are 40-60% faster on Image filters and effects performance than the M2 and M1 models. Up to 40%faster on image processing, and, for Cinema 4D rendering, 2.5 times faster than the M1 Max.

These are great stats, but the performance that really stands out is saying that this new range enables speeds up to 11 times faster than the fastest Intel-based MacBook Pro. Ouch!

And all backed by an up to 22 hour battery life. This is the core area of focus for Apple, not just getting power from their Silicon and Software, but getting efficiency that allows you to really work on the go.

And, those Pro and Max model MacBooks are also coming in a new Space Black colour – a darker and Apple says “clearly Pro” look.

Updated iMac – Finally

In the home or the office where you aren’t chasing render times or graphics performance, but can still handle all anything you throw at it, the iMac gets an update for the first time since the 24 inch colourful models were introduced in 2021.

Seven colours and powered by the M3 processor.

Again, seemingly targeting those holding on to older models, Apple claim these to be 2.5 times faster than the Intel-Based 27 inch iMac.

These really are the must-have home computer if sharing is required in your family, or you just need a dedicated home work space. Likewise, for office tasks that aren’t graphics intensive, the choice of seven colours means a different model for everyone!

Australian Pricing and Availability

iMac with 8-core GPU starts at $2,199 and goes to around $3,399 with upgrades other than storage

14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 starts at $2,699m up to $3,299 with 24GB of unified memory.

The 14‑inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro starts at $3,499 and could be specced well past $6,000. 14 inch with M3 Mac is $5,599 and higher.

If you want the larger unit, the 16‑inch MacBook Pro starts at $4,299 with M3 Pro and again stretches to $6,599 just with Core and GPU selection.

For the M3 Max powered 16 inch MacBook Pro you’ll need $5,999, and if you want it all from the M3 $8,399. Oh, add 8TB of storage to that and you’ve got an $11,699 laptop! POWER – RAW POWER!