Smart connected health care is a big part of this year’s CES. Even companies like Colgate see the benefit of putting on a big display here at CES. This week they have announced the Colgate Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush with new optic sensor technology. The optic sensor technology detects plaque in the mouth so it can be removed while brushing.

The Colgate Plaqless Pro will be released this year and will be the first commercially sold toothbrush that can detect plaque buildup through a tiny sensor and coaches in real time for more complete brushing. The detection of plaque is communicated back to you by a blue light and turns white when it’s all clear and you can move on to the next tooth. The sensor is able to work on each individual tooth as you move throughout your mouth.

The other feature of the Colgate Plaqless Pro is the sensors ability to map your mouth and send that date straight to the app on your phone so you can see where you’ve brushed and the spots you have missed. The great thing is that the use of the app is completely optional with the toothbrush working completely independent of the app. But if you’re really committed to your oral health, the data is there for you.

Stay tuned for Australian pricing and availability in the coming months.

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