Many people cook meals and then refrigerate them for eating later. It’s recommended that after cooking a meal, it’s best left to cool down before putting in the refrigerator. This is to avoid hot food heating the inside of the fridge and potentially spoiling other food. It’s not always practicable to wait for food to cool down before leaving the house.

Cook’Keep has two main functions. The first is a function that allows you to put freshly made ingredients and dishes as they are and store them in the same refrigerated condition as a refrigerator. The other feature is Cook’Keep’s remote control function that allows you to remotely heat ingredients and dishes up to 90 degrees.

Cook’Keep has a removable metal food tray, which allows you to put freshly cooked rice or freshly made soup etc. in a hot state and then cool it to less than 10 ° C by operating the button or smartphone app.

Having Cook’Keep saves you the hassle of taking your fridge cooked food out and waiting for it to warm up in the microwave when you come home.

As for the warming function, besides the time specification by the body button, it is also possible to specify the time to warm from the outside using the app. 

The product is still a prototype at this stage.

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