As a Dad to two boys, family life is a juggle. Constant communication between my wife and I is crucial to ensure kids are run around to all their sporting commitments while we juggle work and other household duties. Equally, our kids want to know what’s happening on a daily basis as well.

Here at CES, we discovered a little Australian startup called Lyf Board. Lyf Board is the dashboard of the family home. When I first saw the Lyf Board, my first impression was that I wasn’t sure what it could do that a Google Home can’t do but it’s more practical than that. It will show you and your family all the important things to you, such as calendar events, reminders, traffic alerts, homework, train timetable and more without the need to call on a specific app to show you.

Instead of having to go into the app like you would on say a Google Home type product, this displays the information there on the screen in a billboard type fashion. Great for young kids that don’t have a mobile phone of their own just yet to get a notification from Life360 across the Lyf Board that Mum or Dad have left work.

It’s expected that Lyf Board will have Amazon Alexa built in and will be able to access information from facebook, Twitter, Google, Life360, Fitbit and many more.

It’s a bright product with endless uses and it’s an Australian company getting this product off the ground with a Kickstarter campaign. You can keep up to date when the Kickstarter is launched here.

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