Foldables are the next big thing in phones, and it appears if Lenovo has their way, they’ll be big in PC’s too. At CES 2020 Lenovo has announced what they’re calling the world’s first foldable PC, the Thinkpad X1 Fold.

The Thinkpad X1 Fold is all screen when you look at it, with a 13.3-inch pOLED touch screen that folds over on itself. The PC uses an on-screen keyboard that pops up when required, or you can make use of the Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard which can be secured via magnets inside the PC itself.

The exterior of the Thinkpad X1 Fold is made of lightweight alloys and carbon fiber with a leather folio cover over the top which incorporates an integrated kickstand. It’s still lightweight though, weighing in at just 1kg.

There’s no detailed information on what will be running under the hood on the X1 Fold beyond an Intel processor with Intel Hybrid Technology, 8GB RAM and up to a 1TB PCIe-NVMe M.2 2242 SSD. The Battery life looks decent with a stated life up to 11 hours.

Lenovo will be making the X1 Fold available with an option for 5G connectivity, though that may be limited by market when it launches in mid 2020.

Pricing for the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold hasn’t been announced for Australia, but it will start at $2,499 USD when it launches.