’ll be upfront and say Nissan isn’t in the game of changing things. I’ve harped on about the need for Apple CarPlay and Android auto for awhile now. When I discovered it was now standard in the Qashqai I felt like walking on hot coals and jumping through a hoop that was on fire. Nissan has released its refreshed SUV line-up. So ultimately it was worth the trip across the ditch, there was even an earthquake!

Hasn’t the “Black Pack” come into vogue recently. Now we news the Nissan Pathfinder range now includes a N-TREK variant. If you’re looking for wholesale changes, turn away now.

Nissan Patrol v8

The big seven-seat Pathfinder N-TREK Special Edition is powered by one of the great V6 engines. The outputs are the same, powered by the steadfast 202kW, 340Nm 3.5-litre V6 engines, it is available across the Pathfinder’s family of four model grades. It looks the same and drives the same, so what’s new?

The exterior features a Black V-motion and front grille. Look closer and you’ll notice a black finisher strip and silver lower bumper guard. Even the rear taillamps are tinted black. There’s a lot of black, so let’s enter bullet point mode:

· Black fender flares
· Black exterior door handles
· Black roof rails
• Black door mirror caps.
· Black and silver design via th 18-inch alloy wheels

Outside of that you can score FWD via the ST+ and ST-L models, and 4WD versions of the ST and ST-L models.

The renovations continue with the X-Trail.

The 500 limited run adds:

· Smoked colour bonnet protector
· Slim line front and rear weather shields
· Front and rear kick plates with carpet mats

All of the above now comes standard.

Nissan Qashqai

The engine delivers 126kW of power and 226Nm of torque.

The price is spread across the range with the X-Trail ST 2.0L six-speed manual at $29,990 through to the X-Trail TL at $48,340.

Now let’s move to the Qashqai N-Sport which is a tad strange. More than 600 vehicles will arrive here. But its looks are pretty good; body-colored bumpers front and rear that incorporate matte silver trim highlights. Bodyside moldings with matte silver trim and wheel arches are also body-colour coded, and the wheel size for the ST-L-based N-SPORT has increased to 19-inches.

Nissan QASHQAI ST 6MT $27,990
Nissan QASHQAI ST CVT $29,990
Nissan QASHQAI ST+ CVT $31,990
Nissan QASHQAI ST-L CVT $34,000
Nissan QASHQAI N-SPORT CVT $35,000
Nissan QASHQAI Ti CVT $38,490

I find it hard to judge the Qashqai, so I’ll wait into next week.