An Aussie company has a revolution in mind – changing the way pub food is ordered, and even how we order room service with a QR code based solution on your smartphone.

It’s not new, over 1000 venues are using the system, but for that very reason you might just see it near you soon – here’s what it is and how it helps you get service and food faster.

Say you’re at the local pub. Right now, you grab a menu, decide what you want, then someone goes up and orders, pays, then is given a buzzer.

You sit around chatting waiting for the buzzer to go off, then you go get your food.

In a pub or restaurant with OrderUp there will be a QR code on your table. Open your smartphone camera, point it at the QR code and click the link that appears.

That link is the pub menu. Click through and order what you need, pay on the smartphone and you’re done. Now you just wait for the food to be delivered.

Same goes with Room Service, at your hotel there would be a QR code, that takes you to the menu, you choose what you want and wait for the delivery.

It’s really quite simple!

Great idea, does not require an app download (it just uses the mobile web), and will make your time at the pub a whole lot better with more time at the table to chat!

You’ll find it at places like The Cheeky Squire, Opera Kitchen and even at Raging Waters in Sydney – worth using it if you see it at your next table!