As a man who hates most foods, enjoys nothing more than a good steak and is happily married to a vegetarian – all I can say is, I’m not sure how much truth there is to all this.

Deliveroo has done a survey of Aussies around food and found that one in nine Aussies would dump someone with different food tastes! Thank Christ my wife is one of the other eight:)

It gets worse, 38% reckon someone not liking their favourite food is a relationship deal-breaker!


You’ve gotta REALLY love your food to be one of the 30% who reckon food compatibility is “the most important aspect of a romantic relationship” – what?

It’s a miracle I’m married really – 38% of Australians are put off dating someone who is a fussy eater! Wow.

Perhaps this is the kicker, Aussies reckon Chocolate, Cheese, Chips and Pasta are the essential shared favourites in the cook-book of love. I would agree with that. #Staples

Putting a name to the analysis, “Relationship guru and Deliveroo’s Love Expert” Melissa Ferrari reckons food is a good platform for communication and bringing people together. “The start of a new relationship is all about discovering those little tidbits you have in common. Finding someone who shares your love of the local chai place, or is as obsessed with Greek takeout as you, can help you to create shared moments that are important to building connection. Forget soulmate – it’s all about finding your tastemate.

“It’s best to talk about what you like and don’t like early on in a relationship and to be accommodating of other people’s tastes where possible.”

“If you are in a relationship, then reconnecting with each other through your shared love of food is an opportunity to reignite your feelings for each other. Be adventurous by creating a new experience together through food that neither of you has tried previously – our brains come alive when we try something new.”

I wholeheartedly disagree Melissa, blokes, keep it a secret as long as you can – especially if like me you’re batting way above your average.

Love you Amanda:) Thanks for sticking around.