Ford announces “Urban SUV” the Puma to hit Australia in 2020

How’s this for a new car from Ford – an all-new model which will hit Australia in the “Second half” of 2020 and is classed by the company as an “urban SUV”.

Basically, it’s a small – tiny – SUV – built on floorplan of the Fiesta but entirely new.

Puma isn’t new – Ford made a little coupe with that name some years ago, but I don’t think it ever hit Australia.

This new 2020 Puma has a bit of the original with the headlights as much a standout – though not quite Nissan Juke style.

Holden has gone entirely SUV, Nissan base their business on SUV’s (barring the Leaf), and even Ford’s recently announced Electric Mustang is an SUV – so welcome to the modern world of motoring where everything has an SUV angle to it.

“Puma will appeal to customers looking for a fun-to-drive, stylish SUV that’s loaded with smart tech,” said Kay Hart, President and CEO, Ford Australia and New Zealand. “The Puma is a great opportunity for us to connect with Australian customers in a new way, and we’re excited that it will arrive alongside the new-generation Escape in Australian showrooms in 2020.”

The Puma will sit alongside the Escape, Endura and Everest in Ford Showrooms – sometime in the second half of 2020.

I don’t mind the look of it – sould be a fun little get about!

Ford announces “Urban SUV” the Puma to hit Australia in 2020
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