Big event for Samsung next week in San Francisco – Unpacked 2020. This time last year they were revealing the Samsung Galaxy S10 and dropped the reveal of the brand new Samsung Galaxy Fold.

This year, we’re expecting several models of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (yep, they’re skipping some numbers), as well as something very new – their second folding phone.

However, instead of being a second act for the “Galaxy Fold” this new phone looks set to be a flip form factor like Motorola’s Razr.

It’s been leaked till the cows come home – with the world’s best leak source Evan Blass releasing clean and clear pics of the device.

We don’t know the screen size, the specs, the camera details – but what we do know is it’s real. With a large screen inside and just a small info-display on the outside.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold tablet phone is retailing for $2,999 – Motorola’s Razr drops this month for $2,699 – which begs the question – what will this cost?

With the greatest of respect to Samsung, it looks simple. Not highly advanced in design, drawing on lessons from the Galaxy Fold, and with likely a smaller battery, and reduced spec camera – where does it sit in the lineup?

At $2,499 it’s a ridiculously overpriced flip phone with lower specs (likely) than similarly priced standard smarpthones.

At $2,099 it’s an innovation that early adopters might consider.

At $1,899 it’s a slam dunk for the telcos on 24 and 36 month contracts.

We won’t know until Wednesday morning (Feb 12) Sydney time. The event starts at 6am, should be over by 7am.

You’ll read all the details here when you wake up, and you can catch a look at everything they reveal on The Today Show Wednesday morning.

I’m travelling to San Francisco as a guest of Samsung Australia, so stay tuned for all the news!