In what Samsung is describing as a “breakout year for 5G” every single Galaxy S20 model will be available in a 5G version when released next month.

There are three new Samsung Galaxy S models coming, and Australia is getting every shape and every colour.

After a successful “Decade of Galaxy” Samsung see the S20 as the start of a new decade, in part that answers the naming of the phone, moving from 10 straight to 20, but it could also be argued skipping 11 gives them clear air away from Apple’s branding too.

Because Samsung’s research shows what we all know – the camera is the top reason to upgrade phones – there’s an enormous focus on the camera features across all three phones.

Samsung is describing this as the biggest change to cameras they’ve made since the Galaxy S7 – that’s a big call given how much has changed since then – though there are some outstanding features across the S20 range.

Starting with the Galaxy S20, this 6.2 inch smartphone will kick off the range at $1,349 available in grey, blue and pink.

Take it up a notch the Galaxy S20+ has a 6.7 inch screen comes in that same dark grey, blue and also a black finish.

Both the S20 and S20+ are available in 4G and 5G models, it will be interesting to see the pricing difference between those models, and just how popular 5G really is.

The big brother of them both is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s enormous. A 6.9 inch screen and a camera set to blow the rest out of the park.

Huawei’s P30 Pro last year had a staggering 50 times hybrid zoom – and it was good, real good. Samsung call their zoom “Space Zoom” with a Hybrid 100x Zoom.

It’s not crystal clear – sure, but it’s impressive. And something smart they’ve done is keep the wider angle view available picture in picture, so when you’re pointing around at 100X zoom, you can still see the whole view and understand where you’re pointing.

Across the entire S20 range Samsung has enhanced their low light capabilities, improved photos of moving objects and enhanced the camera app with a range of new features.

Single Take is one such feature – you press the shutter, take a 10-second sweeping shot or think of it as a video of a moment, and the camera will intelligently choose a bunch of still shots, add filters, and create short videos or even boomerangs.

Using this means you can capture the moment of a party, without missing the chance at a photo will taking video or the other way round.

The Ultra’s camera features a staggering 108MP camera, 64MP on the S20 and S20+, Samsung says it’s more than just that number though, using a nona-binning technology, there are 9 pixels within every single pixel – how the hell that works I don’t know, but they’re claiming impressive credentials which we’ll put to the test.

Samsung has also improved the image stabilisation “Super Steady” and enhanced the timelapse or hyperlapse feature to work better at night.

Battery life should impress, the S20 Ultra has the biggest battery ever on a Samsung phone – 5,000mAh – while the S20+ has 4,500mAh and the S20 has 4,00.

The Galaxy S20 range goes on sale March 6th, pre-orders are starting immediately. Those who order an S20+ or S20 Ultra will get a set of the new Galaxy Buds+ which now feature enhanced audio, and 11 hours playback in-ear.

Prices start at $1,349, and go as high as $2,249. Start saving:)

The story here is photography, the headline is 100 times zoom alongside 8K video – but this could all be distracted by the Galaxy Z Flip which Samsung ran a teaser for during the Oscars here in the US just two nights ago.

Trevor Long travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Samsung Australia