The good ole Mitsubishi Triton is often overlooked, lurking in the shadows of the big three.  Ford’s Ranger, Nissan’s Navara and Toyota’s HiLux are all very strong competitors. But personally, I believe the Triton has always been a bit of a dark horse, in fact if I were to buy a dual cab it would hard to ignore the Triton.

The model line-up starts with the GLX followed by the GLX+ (As tested), GLS and GLS Premium. The dual-cab option I had scores Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a great thing because there’s no satellite navigation! 

The Triton power plant is a turbocharged 2.4-litre diesel. The outputs are low at 130kW and 430Nm. But it reminded me of the HiLux equivalent, both are very good at laying down that power consistently and decisively. It feels strong and dare I say unbreakable.

Life in the cabin is a step-up and appears, from memory, to be incrementally better when it comes to refinement. Prices start from $43,490 which is why I think it makes for a serious value equation.

The Triton has these weird flaps in the roof, designed to channel or circulate air around. Handy if it doubles as a work ute during the week, then backs up as a creche that needs cooling come the weekend. 

Other features include a 7.0-inch touchscreen and a rear diff lock. This is a proper 4×4 with 4H and 4L, the centre dial allows you to switch to 4×4 mode on the run. But mostly I had 2H selected which sends all power to the rear.

The Triton handles much like any other dual-cab on the road. So far, no brand has made one that really drives like an SUV. This is essentially a workhorse after all, its steering is heavy especially at low speeds.

Supermarket car parks can be a punish, but over time you’ll get use to it. With no gear in the rear tray combined with rain, it does surprise you every now and then as the traction control has a mental breakdown. But there’s never any doubt you’re sitting on a ladder frame chassis and rear leaf suspension. Which can I just say, is actually a good thing.

Ultimately people spend lunatic amounts of money on utes like this. But hey, Mercedes-Benz has killed its X-Class already. Goes to show Australian’s resort to trusted names in this space. So if you can cop the cloth seats, the noisy engine and rubber floor mats, the Triton needs to be on your list. It’s a 7.9 from me.