I’m old enough to remember buying film for a camera, taking photos with care and paying to get them developed at KMart or Rabbit Photo. Now, the negatives for all those photos sit at the bottom of photo boxes, or in the back of photo albums. I found an awesome gadget that is going to digitise my old photos – the Kodak Slide n Scan Digital Film Scanner.

At a little under $300 you’ll find it on Amazon and while many people say it’s a bit pricey, remember, once you’re done – you can sell it on to another person with Negatives or Slides to scan.

Suitable for Colour or Black and White negatives at 135mm, 110mm and 126mm as well as 50mm slides with film the same sizes, this is going to ensure you can keep your memories forever in your Digital library.

I’ve scanned a bunch of old photos from the early to mid 90’s and while it’s a manual process, It’s awesome.

You choose the guide size depending on the film size, then simply choose the same film size on the menu. Once done it’s a bright light, a digital sensor, and you slide your negative or slide in.

Press OK or Capture and it’s saved to a memory card.

Manually push the negative through for the next shot!

Images it saves are 5728 x 3824 pixels at 72 DPI and they have been between 3MB and 5.8MB files in my testing.

Love it! And when I’m done, more of my family can use it – or, sell it on for a small loss so everyone gets the benefit huh?

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