Know for their transparency, already publishing real-time information about their network connectivity across all areas of the country, Aussie Broadband has revealed graphs of their network capacity week on week as the COVID-19 crisis has changed how we work and play.

The graphs are actually amazingly telling about our usage habits, but also about the impact of certain events on network traffic.

For example, when the hit computer game Call of Duty release a “patch” – it has a considerable impact on the graphs, because it’s so big – and so widely used.

Additionally, we can clearly see how daytime traffic increases when the work from home initiatives begin, though still not a patch on evening peak usage.

Overall, Aussie are seeing a 25% increase over the month on some peak evenings – though the week to week changes are not easily noticable.

Aussie themselves say there is “currently no evidence that there is a risk of the daytime exceeding peak” but they will continue to monitor things closely.

Outstanding transparency, which should give faith to Aussie’s customers that they have this under control.

If your telco is slow – ask yourself – are they prepared to show you these graphs – as Aussie Broadband do on their own website?