Ahh, gotta love a stuff up:) And this sure looks like one.

On the Apple Website, in the store, you can buy all manner of accessories for Apple Products, like – say, a Screen Protector:

That looks like an iPhone 8 yeah? Also looks like an iPhone 7 – they were essentially the same size and shape.

But what about the title of the product:

iPhone SE – wait, doesn’t the SE look like this:

Seems clear that this accidental product launch in fact confirms the rumours that Apple is about to drop a new iPhone.

Not a flagship device, a new “affordable” device.

Expect the guts of an iPhone X in the body of the iPhone 7, or a mix of things in between.

It won’t be “cheap” but it will be the most affordable iPhone Apple have on sale themselves.

The device could drop (that is be announced) as soon as tonight or this weekend.

But it could be later in the month, perhaps alongside a new HomePod range – given the discounting going on in Australia – that seems possible!

At the very least it seems Belkin has a screen protector that will fit the iPhone 8 AND a new “iPhone SE” – lets wait and see.

H/T to the keen eye of Aaron Zollo