OK, so you know I love the Mazda MX5 RF GT, but I am always looking outside of the box. This is why my RMS vehicle history reads like the inventory list at a major car dealer.

So what are the alternatives to the $53k spend for the MX5.

2002 Bullet Roadster

Well, one of the criticisms of the MX5 has been a lack of power, so let’s fix that quick smart.

2002 Bullet roadster; 15k km and $48k. A bit of a parts bin special (albeit a very good one), the Bullet was loosely based on the MX5, however, the spaceframe chassis and Lexus 4.0 V8 made it go like no MX5 known to man.

This one looks like new and is available now on Carsales

2005 Westfield SEW

Ah, so your masculinity is too fragile to own an MX5. I get it; you’re a real man. Well, get this 2005 Westfield SEW in your garage and let’s see just how hard you really are.

2005 Westfield SEW; 7k km, $41k. This thing makes the MX5 look like an overweight, lardy poor excuse for a sports car.

The Westfield is the real deal. According to the listing, this one has over $64k in recent rebuild receipts and looking at the pics I have absolutely no grounds to doubt this. This thing has been really well done. With full South Australian registration, I might actually make an offer!

Web: Carsales

2007 BMW M6

OK, OK, so maybe the Westfield isn’t for you. You might like luxuries in your ride, such as windows, or a roof, or an ignition key. If this is the case, then this one might appeal.

2007 BMW M6; 82k km, $52k.

At a touch under $300k new, this is a serious car at a seriously discounted price. I mean, sure, that wicked V10 is notorious for going bang, but LOOK AT IT! This one’s Australian delivered and has apparently only been serviced at BMW.

This is important for such a complex car, but I would be checking that it has been serviced exactly by the book, and not just overpriced lube jobs. The listing mentions a recent brake line replacement, so it is looking good for having been serviced properly. Still, there are enough online horror stories to be wary.

Web: Carsales