You know you want one, and if you’ve got one, you want the latest one. Dyson, like Apple – have this amazing lust about them as a product and the reasons are simple. Great Design and products that work.

Every year the latest Dyson “stick” vacuum comes out and you think “how could it be better?” – the current one does a good job!

But the V11 Outsize is different. It’s like Dyson took years of feedback from their Vacuums and decided to improve in a new way on what they’d been doing.

Core to this is the Australian Home. And the American Home for that matter. Anyone who’s traveled a bit knows that we’re lucky here – we’ve got larger homes, freestanding homes and less reliance on Units or small townhouses.

Yep, we have those too – and there’s products for them, but the Dyson V11 Outsize feels like it was made for my four bedroom family home.

Three core features that make the V11 Outsize the vacuum to consider for many.

1. Floor Head Size

This thing is 25% bigger than previous floor-heads. And think about it, this is the most important part of the Vacuum. It’s the thing actually on the ground doing the work.

And in the week or so I’ve been using it – I can confirm it cuts down on your cleaning time. The wider that head, the less passes you need to make to get the job done!

Think of a narrow area at your place – hallway? Or in my case the gap between kitchen bench and the kitchen island – we vacuum that daily.

With the V11 – that’s a 4-5 pass run. With the V11 Outsize it’s 3-4. Sounds like nothing, but across your whole home, that’s a time saving. Simple as that.

2. Dustbin Capacity

This thing is enormous. And I have to say, it weighs more. 2.4kg compared to 1.9kg on the V11 from last year. Do you notice that? Not in normal use – but picking it up off the charger, or using it with the edge or smaller attachments where the stick and head aren’t carrying the weight – yes.

I get it, some people have a bigger home, so they have more dust, but I’ve never really found the V11 to have a “small” bin capacity.

That said, some people don’t like emptying their vacuum directly into a bin inside, some like to go out to the main bins, and if your bins are a bit of a hike, then sure, I can see the advantage here.

Of the three features I’m highlighting here, I think this is actually #3 in terms of importance.

3. Interchangeable Battery

If you’re the kind of person who likes to knock the whole house over in one stint of vacuuming, we’ve got a winner for you here.

$199 gets you another battery, and that battery clips straight into the handle and you’re off and running for another stint – on the right setting that’s 60 mins more cleaning – for those of you who like to run in max mode more often it would be less.

This is not a for everybody style attachment, but boy oh boy for some this is a game changer.


Look, overall this is yet another bloody great Dyson!

It’s not cheap – as always – either. $1,299 for the V11 Outsize, $1,199 for the “new” Standard V11.

With a V10 on sale at under $800 it’s hard to justify I’m sure – but the Outsize comes with every attachment you’ll need – the head works on Hard and Soft floors, so there is inherit value in that, and – it’s more powerful.

Oh Dyson, you’ve done it again.