It’s the hottest space in headphones and there are so many styles out there the choice might bamboozle you. However, if you’re looking for quality the new JBL Tune 220 TWS earphones are ticking all the boxes.

What I’m going to call “Stem” earphones were originally the domain of Apple, but with their popularity there are many on the market, these 220TWS from JBL have some distinct advantages.

Firstly, Price. These are $179.95 – that’s a great price for what you’re getting.

Secondly, Colour. Don’t be stuck with what everyone else is doing, your choice is a nice light blue, a black or white set of earphones. I really like the blue for some reason!

Thirdly, Sound. JBL don’t muck about, I found a real clarity to the sound, not a heavy overbearing bass, but some real precise portions of my music just pushing through – refreshing. That’s all thanks to the 12mm driver which JBL say features their “Pure Bass Sound”.

These are very light, in fact I forgot I was wearing them at one point. You feel them gently hanging on your ear at best.

There’s no rubber tip, but they didn’t seem loose at all – in fact they did a fair job of knocking out some of the sound around me too.

Single button controls on each side trigger your play/pause or call controls on the right ear, while on the left you have track forward and back.

Battery life is three hours in the ear, but using the included charging case you’ll get another 16 hours on top of that.

I called the wife, she said she could hear me well, and told me to go away – because we don’t speak on the phone, we text – but that’s another story.

Oh, and that charging case – the shape was inspired by a river stone, but I won’t be skimming these bad boys, they’ll be in the ears for a while!

Great design, impressive sound, fantastic price – the JBL Tune 220TWS are a great option for those looking for a fully wireless set of in-ear headphones.

Web: JBL / Harvey Norman