There are some stunning TVs coming to market from the biggest TV brands in the world over the coming months. They’ll offer advanced features, premium design, and the best possible picture quality.

But they’ll also offer the highest prices. Many people in the market for a new TV are doing so just to get a bigger TV or to replace an older faulty TV.

Head into Big W and you’ll find a brand available there called EKO. Created for Big W these are affordable TVs with some impressive features.

This week I’ve been looking at the EKO Android TV, in particular the 55 inch model – which is retailing for $599 right now.

Being an Android TV this unit already ticks some serious boxes because it’s easy to use, it has all the big name apps you’ll want and it has Google Assistant Voice control.

Pair that with a 4K screen and you’re getting to a bang for your buck equation that works well for consumers.

Watching 4K Netflix on this TV is fantastic. I watched a mixture of stand up comedy, action movie and my go-to the Formula One Drive to Survive documentary.

Images are crisp, I don’t personally see any blur but can imagine people who seek a high refresh rate and watch primarily sport might baulk at the 60Hz refresh rate – most won’t notice, but it’s important you know.

Picture controls are good to bring some colour to a picture which out of the box was in “Energy Saver” mode for me, but I found Standard to be just right, and Vivid to be blown out.

Sadly, picture settings are not available when using apps like YouTube and Netflix. This is likely because the TV in Netflix pumps into HDR mode, but I’d still like to boost the brightness if I choose.

Out of the box actually I should note this TV was setup and ready to go. Android was powered on and good to go, with just a pop up style notification to complete setup with a Google Login etc. That was a blessing, sometimes I just get tired of the setup configuration of a TV. Leave me to tune the channels when I select TV – otherwise, just give me my apps.

At $599 it’s about the price of a no-name TV at a big electrical retailer – so throwing Android TV on top of that at this price is the real value proposition.

Well worth a look if you’re hoping to plug a 55inch hole in your TV entertainment system or lounge room.

Web: Big W