Samsung started the big phone trend with the Galaxy Note smartphone a while back now and every year we have seen them release a new version. This year though Samsung has decided to forego releasing a new Galaxy Note, instead focusing on their foldable Galaxy Z line.

Samsung has today released a statement that said:

Join us as we debut our next Galaxy Z family and share some foldable surprises — including the first-ever S Pen designed specifically for foldable phones. Instead of unveiling a new Galaxy Note this time around, we will further broaden beloved Note features to more Samsung Galaxy devices.

So let’s “unpack” that statement for a bit. Firstly, no Galaxy Note but instead Note features will be rolled out to foldable devices this year. We will see an S Pen for their foldable line but at this stage it is unclear just what that foldable line will entail. What do know about their foldable line, packed within the full press release, is that there will be more than one foldable — most likely a Galaxy Z Fold (3?) and a Galaxy Z Flip (2?).

Samsung will be integrating their new One UI Watch user interface even more than before with the new interface now the basis for all Wear OS watches. We expect to see more optimisation with Google Duo, YouTube, Microsoft Teams with the foldable form factor bringing a more inclusive and complete foldable ecosystem.

We wonder just how the S Pen for the foldable Galaxy Z line will differ in form and factor to what we know of it in the Note line. There are many users who look forward to the Note release each year, so it is a shame that Samsung are not releasing it this year but given the narrowing difference between the Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Note line it is not surprising Samsung are looking to consolidate their line.

Note S Pen fans, you’ll have to either purchase a new foldable this year or wait and see if Samsung add an S Pen silo to the Galaxy S line next year. Only time will tell.