Three years ago I tested out a notebook that could be reused, not because you wrote in pencil and used an eraser, but because you could put it in the microwave and erase it. Really cool.

But perhaps the microwave is a bridge too far?

Meet the next evolution of Rocketbook – your kids are going to love this, as will anyone who loves taking notes, but wants a digital copy of them for sharing or archiving.

The theory hasn’t changed. These are paper paged notebooks of all stages, which when used with a Pilot Frixion pen can be erased.

This time the paper is different, a very subtle gloss which allows you to simply use a damp cloth to wipe it clear.

One wipe and the writing on the page disappears.

You don’t have to wipe all the pages, or one, but it means the workbooks are reusable and thus have a longer usable life.

That’s the fun stuff, the bit the kids will love.

For the working professional, or the casual user who want’s to save and archive their writing or drawings, there’s some really cool features you should know about.

On each page of most Rocketbook notepads, there are 7 little circles and symbols.

Within the Rocketbook APP on your smartphone you can customise those symbols to represent different “outputs”. For me, I’ve got one for email, one for Dropbox and one for Google Drive.

Once you’ve written on a page, simply put a cross through the circle representing your chosen output. One or many.

Open the Rocketbook app, and point the camera at the page. The app scans the page and recognises your choice for output.

Within moments, your page is canned, and a PDF uploaded to your output choice – really simple stuff.

You can get them online at Get Rocketbook from between $30 and $65 depending on the size of the book.