The Wireless GO from Aussie company Rode Microphones has revolutionised video sound recording by making it simple, quality and small.

Previous wireless mic systems were either very expensive or just a touch bulky, even Rode’s own products before this were amazing, but bulky to wear and mount.

The Wireless GO pairs instantly and allows for high quality video with ease.

EFTM use the Wireless GO on all our video shoots, I even use it on my remote TV crosses on Channel 9 and Sky News.

Today they’ve announced some additions to the Wireless GO Family.

Firstly, WHITE. The transmitter and receiver and even Lapel microphone are white. This means on business shirts, wedding dresses or just any outfit more suited to white than black the microphone can be a little less “out there”. Really simple idea.

But then there’s the two accessories.

Firstly a MagClip GO – this little attachment allows you to magnetically attach the transmitter with its built-in microphone to the inside of a jacket or any clothing, or frankly magnetically attach it anywhere. Nifty stuff.

And for reporter style videos where you want a hand-held microphone there’s a new “Interview Go”. This looks like a handlheld mic, but it’s actually just the bones of one, in which you place the Wireless GO standard transmitter, cover it with a mic sock and you’re done!

Really cool stuff, great for all levels of Video production from backyard to TV – Rode have it covered.

RODE CEO Damien Wilson says “This expansion of the Wireless GO range is the product of 12 months of listening to user feedback and seeing what creators need and want,”

“We are always in tune with how our products are being used and who is using them, and we constantly push ourselves to create new products that inspire and encourage creativity. Keep an eye on the Wireless GO range in the coming months, there’s more to come…”