After unveiling their enticing new TCL 10 smartphone range last night, TCL has also announced three exciting new products to complement them.

The new Connected Devices range includes a 5G router, wireless and truly wireless headphone models and the latest edition of TCLs MOVETIME Kids Watch.

Three models of headphones were announced last night, the SOCL500TWS, ACTV500TWS, and ACTV200B.

The ACTV200BT are wireless headphones (connected together with a cable) aimed at fitness fanatics with an IPX4 rating meaning you can sweat your heart out. They also include a multi-sensor built-in to the right earbud which can monitor your heart-rate, and share it with fitness tracking apps.

The sound is big, with an 8.6mm speaker driver, and come with up to 14 hours of battery life.


The SOCL500TWS and ACTV500TWS are truly wireless earbuds which share the same 5.8mm speaker driver, but have slightly different specs. The SOCL500TWS is IPX4-rated, while the ACTV500TWS includes IPX7 rating meaning they’re completely water (and sweat) resistant.


The SOCL500TWS has a total playtime up to 26 hours, with 6.5-hour continuous playback and 19.5 hours of additional charge from the case. The ACTV500TWS will last you slightly longer rated for 33 hours, which includes 6.5-hour continuous playback in the buds and 26.5 hours of additional charge from the case.


The only other difference of note is the inclusion of Comply Foam Tips with the ACTV500TWS which will ensure a snug, custom in-ear fit.

Ever wanted to track your kids steps? Or given them something a little more ‘smart’ than a basic quartz watch? Then the Movetime Kids Watch MT43K is probably what you’re after.

The watch includes a nice, bright 1.4-inch AMOLED touch display, and the watch is water and dust resistant (IP67) – important for those active kids. The Movetime watch includes 4G connectivity, so you can call, or text your kids at any time.

There’s a bunch of features included in the Movetime watch including a geo-fencing feature that sends a notification when your child exits a preset safe zone. Parents can even push the SOS button, and get in immediate contact with their kids through hands-free 4G two-way calling and voice messaging. In a pinch, if it’s needed, parents can also track their childs exact location.

The watch also offers ways to track your kids daily activities such as counting steps, tracking calories burned and distance walked.

Your kids are likely terrible at charging their devices, and the Movetime watch should last a while with a 600mAh battery that can sit on standby time for up to four days or be used for up to two days.

5G Router
TCL also announced the Linkhub 5G CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), a portable router which utilises 5G signal, that’s lightweight, yet robust enough to deliver great dual-band Wi-Fi signal.

The Linkhub 5G CPE uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 chipset inside offering 5G download speeds up to 2.8Gbps. The router includes 4×4 MU-MIMO Technology to deliver great speeds with support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 tech which can deliver data to your devices at speeds up to 3.6Gbps.

While the 5G Linkhub looks like a great portable solution, it’s also handy to have around the home with support for Bluetooth and Zigbee for managing smart home devices, and there’s a TCL Communication app for doing that as well.

Availability and Pricing
We don’t have any local pricing or availability info for the new TCL Connected Device range just yet, but we’ll have more info if they arrive in Australia.