Isolated if I’m isolated why will people not leave me alone!

For goodness sake, I don’t need to hear from a company I last dealt with 3 years ago to understand how they are dealing with COVID 19.  Yes, I already know to stay 1.5m apart. My inbox is filled with irrelevant companies who think that my life revolves around there brand.  Please stop wasting my time and do something productive for the economy!

Facebook has a great feature that allows you to snooze someone’s posts for 30 days. You have been snoozed, you have been snoozed and you have been snoozed. Not since the start of social media when people posted a picture of every meal they ate have we seen such absurd behavior.  In the LifeStyler’s case, it’s his only family who re-post a COVID-19 breaking news story 2 days after the event or sends me, you guessed it advise on washing my hands. I would not have snoozed you if you just acted normally instead of some repeater of old public announcements.

If it’s not every post on face book it is a domination of broad stream media.  What scares me more is the hours of news TV you are watching as demonstrated by the ratings and the fact they repeat everything again on the virus in a new bulletin at 9.30 at night.  I feel it’s a bit like a water torcher where the same drip of water keeps landing on my forehead.

Can I suggest instead of this mind-numbing behavior you dream?  Dream of the future, the dream of what you can do to make a difference or get lost in other people’s dreams on Netflix.  Do what you have been putting off at home like that hobby or chore. Make yourself a better person for the other end!

If you must stare endlessly at Facebook subscribe to a group “The kindness Pandemic” and celebrate the good nature of humans. Cheers!