It certainly is chocolate season. The Easter Bunny is coming to town and the kids are excited to see their chocolate egg surprises but what about the man of the house? Whisky!

Nant Whisky - Coffee Table (Low-Res)

Nant is a producer of whisky from Tasmania, Australia. They have bars in most states (Sydney coming soon) and also sell direct on their website. Is it good though? Well, they took home Gold in the China Wine & Spirits Awards in 2014. EFTM took a moment to taste this whisky in the way that Nant wants you to this Easter. Here is the recipe and directions for Whisky this Easter:

  • Nant Single Cask Sherry Wood (43% Alc.)
  • Chocolate – aim for something with 90% cocao such as Sisko Chocolate.

Tasting Guide
When tasting Chocolate and Whisky together, there’s a nuanced process to getting the best out of both:
1. Take the whisky on the palate, moving it around the mouth for awhile to let the flavours build.

2. Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a very small piece of chocolate on the tongue. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Whisky as they come together.

3. Towards the end of the melt, take a little of the whisky back over the chocolate. This leads to greater intensity and often the development of some interesting and unexpected flavours.

4. Enjoy the finish as you normally would, only this time you will see some interesting variations in the profile of the whisky.

From all of us at EFTM, have a fantastic Easter – enjoy that four day break!