You might argue that TVs are much of a muchness once you tick a few key boxes in terms of features, but then again when you dig into the detail you might find some little things that make them stand out.

Currently on sale for $749 (Normally $949), the Kogan QLED 55 Inch Android TV is one such unit.

Before I get to the little things that go above and beyond, let’s first start by ticking some boxes.

This is a 4K TV. Yep, highest quality Netflix and Stan – tick.

Speaking of apps, this is an Android TV – so there’s no shortage of apps to install, and it’s a common and easy to use interface.

Google Assistant is built in for those moments when you want to just talk to your TV about what you want to watch.

And it’s 55 inches, that’s about spot on for a lot of Aussie lounge rooms, or the man-cave.

It’s $749 – now, if you go to one of the major retaillers and check 55 inch TVs, you’ll find 18 of them. At $749 this TV would be the third cheapest TV there, even at the RRP of $949 it’s the fifth cheapest. None of the TV’s cheaper than this one have the features I’m about to point out to you – nor do any of them operate Android TV – which is a compelling selling point in any case. So – an interesting way to look at things.

Here are the stand-out features of the Kogan QLED TV.


This is legitimately a beautiful TV. It’s not the standard ‘bung my brand on it” from a Chinese factory, there’s been some thought gone into the design here. The bezel is minimal around the top, left and right of screen, but at the bottom of the screen there’s a very nicely designed element with the Kogan and Dolby Audio brands left and right.

I really like the look.

The Curved legs are also a feature, unique against the hard pointed stands on most TVs.

Picture Quality

This is a QLED – that means Quantum Dot technology, that means brighter colours, a better picture.

And having swapped out a non QLED Android TV just the day earlier, I can see the difference. Colours pop a bit more, and I’m not even playing with picture modes.

Samsung are the QLED kings, and having built the brand for quality here it’s great to see it cascade into a more affordable price range.

You won’t find QLED at a more affordable price than this.


That “design element” along the bottom of the TV – it’s basically a soundbar. Good old fashioned front-firing speakers.

A 24W speaker system with built-in tweeters and let me tell you, sounds good! My go to of the F1 Drive to Survive Series sounded fantastic, and there’s volume past 10 on the dial if you know what I mean.

It’s refreshing to think about sound being important, and essentially showcasing it – makes a real difference to this TV overall.

The bottom line here is you’re getting a great picture quality, you’re getting a good looking TV, with great sound, and as an Android TV it gives you all the content you want.

At the special price of $749 it’s a rush out and buy kinda deal – so – get in quick.