I love it when you see something amazing at CES and then a few years later you see that it has gotten closer and closer to production. 

Hyundai have used CES 2023 to show off their ’90 degree turning wheel’ concept. This project sees a regular looking wheel turn a full 90 degrees. Turning rear wheels (much easier in a front wheel drive car) allows the vehicle to turn within its own length. Four wheels turning at 90 degrees allows for ‘crabbing’ into a tight car space. 

This idea was first shown at CES back in 2018 as part of a skateboard platform. On this occasion, Hyundai chose to display this technology as part of the Mobis concept bus – a sort of strange looking lounge room transportation thing. 

In the years since, Hyundai has developed this idea further and used CES 2023 to show footage of a regular Hyundai IONIQ 5 ‘crabbing’ at 90 degrees to a car parking space and pivoting within its own length. It would have been wonderful to see it in the flesh but at least we got to see the latest incarnation of the Mobis concept bus. 

I hope next year’s CES see’s me behind the wheel, reverse parking like a boss with my 90 degree turning wheels! 

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