Can you believe it’s possible to drop $499 on something that fits into your pocket, no less something that it’s possible to drop and never find again. Amazing how much technology today is being crammed into in-ear headphones and the Sennhesier Momentum True Wireless 2 are a testament to that.

Tiny, as are all in-ear headphones, though not the smallest.

The box they come in might just be my favourite – though again, not the smallest, it’s only outsized by the Powerbeats Pro I reckon, but that’s ok, the fabric cover feels lux, and it sits happily in place unlike others that won’t because they are round-bottomed:)

With the power in the case, there’s 28 hours of battery life here. In your ears it’s around 7. I can’t fault that, not to a stopwatch anyway, but it’s enough for any flight these days:)

Setup is a breeze, and the Sennheiser app allows some pretty epic customisations. Frankly, it’s one of if not the best headphone companion apps I’ve seen. Reason being it’s not just for EQ tuning.

It’s also not just for customising controls. It’s the lot.

Rare – as strange as that sounds.

Once I found my sweet spot I’ve been belting out the tunes. With apologies to my neighbours, the Active Noise Cancelling means I haven’t heard myself, but I know you can – sorry. In my head I’m awesome at singing:)

Using my trusty no-fly white noise in the office test, I can tell you the noise cancelling is excellent, if not best in class. I don’t want to make that call because I really do think those systems are built for in-plane environments, but my best simulation of that puts these on par with Sony in-ear and ahead of Apple.

Which makes sense, because that’s the same situation with price.

It’s hard to fault Sennheiser’s sound quality, they are crisp and clear, if not too much so. But an EQ tweak and it’s all that I would normally want.

Bass is there if you want it, but not by default, and if it is what you want I think the Powerbeats Pro are still a better option despite the form factor difference.

Overall, these are exceptional. And they’d wanna be for $499.

Perfect gift for an executive, and the perfect point of difference to the many opting straight for the Apple solution without looking around.

They fit in the ear comfortably, but aren’t great to sleep on with a hard seat (read: plane seat) you need some level of cushioning in place.

Available for $499 at JB HiFi and Sennheiser.