I’ve been saying for a very long time that no matter how good your TV is, it’s better with a Soundbar. The only real question is which one to get.

Having explained soundbars and the numbers associated with them, you know full well it’s all about the number of “speakers” the soundbar is emulating in terms of a home theatre setup.

The JBL series covers it all. At the top end there’s the Bar 5.1, with more to come above that soon. Entry level is the 2.0 which is an all-in-one wiht an 80W output. This little guy packs a punch compared to your TV sound.

But perhaps the sweet spot is the JBL Bar 2.1.

AT $545 it’s the mid point for most people. But it’s way more than just the extra 0.1 on that nametag.

The Bar 2.1 comes with a wireless sub-woofer which sits separately to your TV unit and gives you the real, proper bass you want from your action movies or games.

Bar 2.0 and Bar 2.1

What’s fascinating most to me is that while the subwoofer (as 0.1) is the extra over and above the Bar 2.0, it’s actually a MUCH larger unit.

Not quite double the length, but way bigger.

That’s all due to the power of the speakers inside. 300W peak output power, this thing packs a punch.

This thing is all about the bass. That’s why the correct and full product name is “Bar 2.1 Deep Bass”.

If you just want better sound, more volume, you can get away with the Bar 2.0. But if you want to hear the sound with the intended Bass and more punch, go the Bar 2.1 for sure.

For those negotiating a bargain on their next TV purchase, consider looking at a bundle deal – how much will they offer you if you buy a Soundbar too? And don’t be tricked into thinking they all have to be the same brand. ARC (Audio Return Channel), and Optical Audio mean you can control the volume with your TV remote no problems.

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