Catch Mobile has today announced four new plans, replacing their existing range with plans starting from just $20 per month with 15GB of data included.

The new plans reflect the new usage model for users, some of whom have been more reliant on their home Wifi under new work from home arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are now emerging back onto the mobile networks. Mobile Analytics firm Opensignal saw the move to Wi-Fi in march with their data showing smartphone users spent 60.4% of their time on WiFi in mid-March, this fell to 56.1% by the end of May – but even beyond that, as consumers we seem to want more data anyway…just me?

All the previous Catch Connect plans have been removed, replaced with four mobile plans offering unlimited Calls & TXTs in Australia and options for either 30, 90 or 365 day expiry. Plans start at $20, and range up to $150 which includes 120GB of data which lasts 365 days.

The new plans also allow customers to add more data to the plans at $10 per 1GB or $15 for 2GB and gain International calling for $5 which provides up to 100 International minutes to make standard calls to 32 selected countries.

Speaking about the new Catch Connect plans, Ryan Gracie, CMO of catch.comau said ‘ knows people want a great deal. During lockdown, Australians have embraced digital tools such as online games and group video calls into their social interactions. As lockdown restrictions ease, and we venture further away from our WiFi routers, people want plans that deliver more data for less, wherever they are. We have recognised that need and responded with new Catch Connect plans – giving Australians amazing coverage, speed and service at famous prices.”

As usual you should do some due dilligence before switching plans, the Catch Mobile network is powered by Optus, so check out their coverage map first.

To check out the plans you can head to the Catch Mobile website.