Kia’s flagship people mover the Carnival is getting a makeover, top to bottom, an all-new generation of what is easily the most popular people mover in Australia.

They’re calling it a Grand Utility Vehicle, and the new look does move it further from the wagon/van styling and much more toward SUV looks.

Up front the overhang is shorter, while the A-pillar base is moved further back to create a longer bonnet for less of a van look.

There’s more space inside thanks to a longer wheelbase, and around the whole vehicle are lines connecting the front and back lighting clusters giving what Kia describe as volume to the bodywork.

Black A and B pillars give a sense that the roof is floating, with a new signature C-Pillar inspired by the new-look Sorento.

We don’t have interior shots yet, but again, expect sharper lines, and a high level of technology inside.

The face of the car, the grill, is what Kia call a new “Tiger Face”, it’s certainly different, and in-line with the Seltos and Sorento styling that is flowing into showrooms.

All the design talk from Kia talks about SUV inspired, and as a Kia Carnival owner, I thought I’d ask the wife what she thought. Seems they’ve nailed it. Her first reaction was “Looks a bit more like an SUV”.

We’re happy with Kenny the Kia Carnival in our driveway, but can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the new Carnival.

It’s going on sale this year in Korea, no confirmation of Australian availability, though we’d expect it to be here by Christmas.