Look, truth be told, we know very little – but there’s a lot we can deduce from the announcements and the market generally.

The PS5 Price will be set closer to launch, and the launch date we don’t know yet either.

However, the PS4 launched at the end of November 2013, and we got the price for that in late August of the same year. So, don’t hold out too much hope of hearing a price soon.

When the PS4 launched in Australia it was $549. Wanna know how powerful the brand is? Seven years later that’s still the price of the best PS4.

Of course over the years it’s improved, slimmed down, Pro version added etc.

But that’s a good guide. If the current PS4 Pro is $549, do you think they’ll just reduce that dramatically?

It will come down, but in reality there’s little chance the PS5 will drop for less than $599. In fact, EFTM predicts this “next generation” console war will escalate just like Samsung and Apple in the smartphone world.

Expect big prices.

At best, we expect the Digital Only version of the PS5 to cost $649, with the main game console dropping for $799 or at best $749.

We expect pricing in August, and once again, shipping and in-store purchasing from mid November.

This could be all wrong, and Sony might surprise us all, but hopes of a $549 product seem crazy at this stage.

What do you think?