I’m becoming obsessed with making my home smart, slowly adding lights, hubs, switches and more. There are so many amazing products out there to make your home smarter but the biggest hurdle I’m finding is price. I mean, it’s all super cheap and I bought it all on sale (in case my wife is reading this).

Enter the Connect Smart Video Doorbell at just $69!

Compared to other players, this is an insanely low price for a smart video doorbell. But is it any good?

I would have to say yes, it is good!

Pumping out HD resolution at 720p so you can clearly see when Trevor Long, the neighbourhood nuisance, appears at your door. The audio clarity is fine and it even has a talk back option if you want to tell him to get off your property.

The doorbell is used with Connect Smart Home’s own app which is intuitive and simple to use. It’s very similar to Kogan’s Smarter Home app.

When pressed, the doorbell sends a notification to your phone, where you can open the app and see almost instantly who is at your door. It also dings and dongs like a normal doorbell via the small receiving unit which plugs into any powerpoint in your house.

There is a hideous library of early 2000 Nokia style ringtones if the simple ‘ding dong’ is not your thing.

I’ve seen a bunch of haters online whinging about this product not integrating with Google Home as it says on the box, but really who cares, the doorbell rings and your phone tells you. It’s that simple.

There is no debating about this being an entry-level device, but it’s a bloody good starting place if you are thinking of going smart at home.

The only downsides I have found is aesthetically it’s not pretty. But what do you expect for $69???

You can pick up the Connect Smart Door Bell at Harvey Norman, Domayne and if you live in Sydney in 1993, Joyce Mayne