Colour options and design for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak

We know that the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event on August 5th for the Note 20 won’t just be for the phone, with Samsung tending to pack a bunch of stuff into their launches. Now it seems we’ve gotten a clear look at one of the accessories to be announced at the event, the Galaxy Beans Buds Live.

The images have been shared by noted leaker Evan Blass via his Patreon feed. Like their previous generations of Galaxy Buds, these new buds will also be totally wireless, with a battery case to both contain and charge them.

The bean shaped form factor would at first glance seem to be very well suited for the ear, with the speaker apparently mounted in the middle of the bud, with dual microphones positioned either side.

The buds will be available in the same copper/pink colour – apparently called ‘Mystic Bronze’ – which Samsung used in their Galaxy Unpacked 2020 invite promo, as well as the leaked Note 20+ phone that appeared on their website. They will also come in black and white options.

We’ll very likely be seeing, and hearing all about new features in the Galaxy Buds Live on August 5th, so we don’t have long to wait.

Colour options and design for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leak
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